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Cannon Fodder New Campaign consists of 72 completly new maps grouped in 24 missions. Phases system is the same like in old good Cannon Fodder. CNFC has new mission titles and soldiers, there is also modified graphic of sprites, game engine is unchanged though. Every map can be completed. Maps were tested by testers and author. Additional information can be found in guide file inside CFNC archive.

Requirements: In addition we recommend:
  • Some Fast RAM (required by PRELOAD option)
  • Colour monitor
  • Audio amplifier
  • Good mouse (important!)
We would like to thank following people and organisations:
  • Orson
      for 67 maps, mission and phase titles, soldier names, changes in graphics, background music selection in installer.
  • Korni
      for 5 maps, some missions and phases titles, install script and this simple page.
  • Mailman
      for 1 map.
  • Sasquatch, Duncan
      for being brave testers.
  • Nicola Wrachien
      for map editor.
  • Sensible Software
      for making one of the greatest games in the world.
  • PPA.PL team
      for great portal for amigans and for CFNC hosting.

CFNC © 2004-2008
Bartek Binder, Marcin Kornas